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This is the history of my paternal family tree beginning with my father, Leslie Elwyn Rainer (also including myself, John Rainer), and going back as far as I can trace. I have included all the facts I have found so far, together with many media images. These reveal many of the sources for the data I have acquired at present, although not necessarily all. If you should want further information please don’t hesitate to contact me. Please enjoy the web site and let me know if you find any errors or can add new information.

Rainer, Rainor, Raynor,

Rayner, Reyner, Reiner,


Derives from the Norman personal name Rainer. Made up of the Germanic elements ragin for counsel and hari or heri for army.

People and Places 

I was born in Abingdon on Thames, now in South Oxfordshire, the town was originally in Berkshire before local government reorganization back in 1974. My father, Leslie Rainer, came from Milford Haven in South Wales. His parents (my grandparents), John Joseph Rainer & Elizabeth Louise Fuller, moved there from Great Yarmouth whilst my grandfather was serving in the Royal Navy during the First World War.  It’s worth noting that many of the addresses shown for my ancestors in Great Yarmouth are no longing there.  Following the bombing of Great Yarmouth during WW2 many streets were damaged and as with the “Rows” were then demolished.  There is a very informative article here, about the Rows of Great Yarmouth.

Privacy Respected

No information about any living relative appears on this site without their expressed permission.  For continuity I have added the words - Privacy Respected, where there maybe or still is a living relative.

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Leslie Elwyn Rainer
Leslie Elwyn Rainer 1916 - 2000
Rosina Matilda Rainer nee Isaac
Rosina Matilda Rainer 1847 - 1929
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A Row of Great Yarmouth 1885 Map of Great Yarmouth
Great Yarmouth  1885
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